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— Would you like to design a lyrics poster for the upcoming Mumiy Troll album?
— Of course.
— But there’re only 4 days left.
— Awww, fuck...


Folding poster design (used as CD wrapper) and promo campaign visuals for 11th Mumiy Troll album “ПИРАТСКИЕ КОПИИ”.

Paper crane folding scheme is the reference to album title “Pirate Copies”, illustrating copy of copy nature of pirated content (so does the CD, designed as blank CD-R), and to folding poster itself.

And obviously we were referencing an ancient Japanese legend promises that anyone who folds a thousand origami cranes will be granted a wish by the gods, which became worldwide know after Sadako Sasaki story.

To step aside this tragic and wholesome story and to articulate postmodern style of the album we use a quote from Mao Zedung “Let a hundred flowers bloom” on his Hundred Flowers Campaign as a heading set in Chinese.

But we’ve found one diehard Mumiy Troll fan who took our crane proposition “seriously”. Respect, seriously:

The trademarked lips are one from the “Lucky Bride?” MT music video by Viktor Vilks. This music video is quite popular and recognizable and the lips are lead singer’s lips, so you can say it is a Mumiy Troll trademark.

Track titles are set in wrong coding because copies are pirate so it seemed to be an appropriate aesthetic choice. Originally I wanted to set all lyrics in the wrong coding, but this proposition was declined as we're supposed to be designing “lyrics” poster. I still think it would be great aesthetic and logical choice.

Another great aesthetic and logical choice is to make album artwork a pastiche on the first Mumiy Troll album “Morskaya” cover, made by Chinese copy artist from the Dafen Village, an artist village for the production of replicas of masterworks and outsourcing of original art creation.

The sketch for the artwork was made by Ilya Lagutenko, MT author, lead singer and occasional guitarist/keyboard player:

The album is packed in the carton box. The actual CD-case contains another disk with V-ROX festival compilation. Huge shoutout for less known in post-USSR musicians and music styles. Album is hidden in the box false bottom, wrapped in poster.

To promote album we've also made 7 collage illustrations for 7 tracks from the album. They were too abstract and too personal and didn’t get much attention. Nevertheless, three of them I still like (the yellow one I’ve even slightly rearrange for this publication because it is still relevant):

“Who will save rock'n'roll?..”

“ПИРАТСКИЕ КОПИИ” was released massively: half of the album was pre-released song by song on You Tube, accompanied by the ton of witty visuals and animations by Flakonkishochki, and then the whole thing + “false” CD was packed into a hand stamped carton box with a false bottom. Nice.

Art director, lead album artwork designer Vasya Smirnov.

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